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Mary Cain

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Mary excels at designing yoga practices and bodywork personalized for her clients' specific needs. Encouraging well-being and expansion of personal potential is the heart of

From Source To Source.

Dedicated to opening the door to total wellness

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My journey as wellness practitioner began long as one of seven children in a family that values education and spirituality. I became a massage therapist as well as an internationally certified ski instructor while raising my own family in Crested Butte, CO.  An adventurous spirit took my family to the Alps where I learned French and to Ecuador where I learned Spanish and completed a 6 month yoga teacher training program. Along the way, I studied other massage modalities including Thai massage and Agua Alma Aquatic Bodywork.  Working in Switzerland, I had an opportunity to complete my masters degree in Psychology with has allowed me to weave together the many different facets of my work.  I continue to learn new modalities in an effort to be able to offer the techniques my clients need to soften and connect in their own bodies and lives.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation are proven wellness practices that I am very pleased to share as an adjunct professor at Salt Lake City Community College in the Yoga Teacher Training Program as well as teaching Meditation and Environmental Yoga. I teach both private and small group classes at my studio. I coordinate and co-teach 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings with  Mary Johnston Coursey.  1000 hours of yoga teacher training has only begun to open my eyes to all there is to know in this rich tradition.  I currently study Parayoga with Rod Stryker and Mary Johnston Coursey.  When I see the seeds of this wisdom tradition at work in my life, I celebrate my great fortune to do work that helps us live with more ease and joy.