From Source To Source

Mary Cain

Yoga and Meditation

Transformational Neuromuscular Massage

Aquatic Bodywork

Personal Reorientation

Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship

Mary excels at designing yoga practices and bodywork personalized for her clients' specific needs. Encouraging well-being and expansion of personal potential is the heart of

From Source To Source.


Yoga Schedule

From Source to Source Studio

 1005 East Austin Ave SLC 84106

Tuesday & Thursday 5 30-6:45pm - Breath and Align

Monday - 7:00-9 pm - Yoga Teacher's Sangha

Gather your friends and choose a time that work for your group

Private sessions available

Custom designed to help you discover your specific needs on the physical, energetic, mental and emotional levels. Using channeled breath work (pranayama) and mindful movements (asana) you will learn to identify your body's tendencies and how to address them. This re-patterning of the body will create more ease and greater functioning. Most importantly it will bring more joy into your life.


Body Work

60, 90, 120  minute treatments using a variety of modalities customized to meet or exceed your needs. Life's challenges build up protective layers that manifest in ways such as tight muscles, frozen fascia, knots, inflammation, etc.  I will work with you to identify target areas and create a session to best suit your needs.

Transformational neuromuscular massage

Manipulation with hot stones to loosen muscle tissue

Exfoliate, sooth and relax with salts and essential oils

Manual lymph drainage


60 min         $70

90 min         $95

120 min      $135

Your massage will be just what you most want. Choose to combine several options at the time of booking with Mary.  Throughout your session together we may fine-tune your massage to ensure complete satisfaction.  Add on fees may apply.



Aquatic Body Work


Agua Alma is a form of aquatic bodywork similar to watsu done in a warm private pool. You relax in the water aided by floats and the support of the therapist who guides you through a series of flowing movements that flex and stretch the body, releasing tension and toning muscles. The antigravity effect of the warm water with specific movements to address your personal needs will leave you feeling deeply rested and restored. 

55 min. $80.00  

purchase multiple and receive a discount.